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When the last surviving parent of two sisters died, aged 98, they rediscovered letters written by their parents to each other during their courtship in World War II, and for half a year afterwards while they were separated. Their father was repatriated back to New Zealand by the RNZAF, with their mother following a few months later. He had proposed to her only hours before news broke of the dropping of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima. Their engagement was announced on another historic occasion, VJ Day, Victory over Japan. The letters and diary entries give the flavour of their family relationships and life during wartime – complete with food and clothing coupons, petrol rationing, and the great joy at getting some decent food parcels from New Zealand
Hardcover limited edition of 10 copies, 136 pages, 8¼"×5¾", 12 black-and-white photos, 2 colour photos, and 4 illustrations. Published by Phoenix Story Publications llc.
The books are printed on acid-free paper, printed and hardbound with cloth covers by Wakefields Digital Limited, Wellington. The cloth-bound slipcase was handmade by Roy Murphy.
Wartime title page
Wartime spread
Wartime spread