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Tells the stories published by Roy Murphy together with his detailed diary entries, while travelling from Hawaii through much of the United States in 1979 and 1980. The stories include how a young woman sued the Scientology "church" for US$2 million and won, how another young woman got the poisonous herbicide 2,4,5-T banned in America, and how some paintings of D. H. Lawrence are kept by an eccentric Greek-American in Taos, New Mexico. They also cover the rise and murder of a millionaire, describe a night out in the redlight district of Honolulu, and a clown who jumps over bulls in North American rodeos.
Hardcover limited edition of 7 copies, 176 pages, 11"×8¾", 58 black-and-white photos, 32 colour photos and 7 colour illustrations by the author. Published by Phoenix Story Publications llc.
The books are printed on acid-free paper, printed and hardbound with cloth covers by Wakefields Digital Limited, Wellington. The cloth-bound slipcase was handmade by Roy Murphy.
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